Hugh Chapman, born in 1986, is a self-taught sculptor workingfrom his studio in West Sussex.

His work focuses on the importance of beauty. During adifficult time, after a serious illness, he feels that surrounding himself inthe natural world saved his life.  His appreciationof the beauty of the natural world has formed the back bone of his creativethinking and passion and are the driving force behind his bold and dynamic abstractsculpture.

Chapman, with great patience and skill, hand-forms his originalswhich are of a quality rarely seen in contemporary sculpture.

With a background in photography, these originals are made witha mind to how light will interact with their surface. Material is key to his processand careful consideration is given to the ultimate choice of what should beused.

Bronze and stainless steel are his staple choice ofmaterial. In particular, Chapman enjoys the historic connection the lost waxcasting process of bronze - taking these ancient methods forward, working with foundriesto push forward lost wax casting into cutting- edged modernity. Working hardwith foundries over the years he has developed a relationship which is progressiveand yields high quality castings that make up the small editions thus ensuringquality and exclusivity.

Chapman has a desire to make monumental sculpture which,working with town planners and architects, can engaging with the architectural landscape,garden designs and communities. Chapman makes a large number of macquettes withthis vision in mind.

Chapmans works are enjoyed in public and private collectionsall over the world.