Venice 2018

Time Space Existence 

Hugh Chapman is currently exhibiting as part of the GAA Foundation exhibition, "TIME SPACE EXISTENCE", hosted by the European Cultural Centre at the Palazzo Mora and the Palazzo Bembo. 

This exhibition is in the context of the Architectural Biennale and gives a platform to architects, sculptors, photographers and artists, allowing a dialogue to be formed between the disciplines. 

Chapman has two works featured -  Flux and Song, both cast in bronze. These bold sculptures are exhibited in a room in the Palazzo Mora where the importance of beauty and the human and spiritual relationship to buildings is of importance.

"It has been fantastic for me to meet architects and artists, both highly established and up and coming. Engaging in conversation with such a diverse group of individuals with such able and agile minds of great benefit to me personally. 

For me, it is a sign that the future path of architecture is more exciting and diverse than we have become accustomed to. Architects are artists in their own right and it is my hope that they will be allowed  to express their more creative abilities. 

It has also confirmed  my own thoughts that beauty is absolutely essential for our feelings of belonging and mental well-being. Understanding that others have started to focus more on this issue within the architecture of today comes as a great comfort."

Both Flux and Song and other works are available for sale and Chapman is always very keen to participate in creating both public and private art installations. hughgmchapman[at]